The First ‘Gears Of War 4’ Trailer Shows Marcus Fenix Looming Large Over The World 25 Years After ‘Gears 3’

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04.12.16 2 Comments

The first Gears of War 4 trailer is here, and beyond the more morose cover of an already morose song juxtaposing the heavy-duty action (like the original GoW trailer and every one since then) it seems as if Gears of War will join in the great sci-fi trope of great families destined to save the world/universe. In this trailer titled “Tomorrow,” we get our first glimpse at GoW 4 protagonist JD Fenix, son of the great Marcus Fenix, who was in constant search of his father during the original Gears trilogy. It’s 25 years after Gears of War 3, and the world saw a brief time of peace, but as you can see by the frantic running and gunning of JD, those days are long gone.

JD’s frantic escape from aliens that may or may not be the Locust from the original games are intercut with a flashback to more peaceful times in which he and his father played in a backyard. JD is clearly making his way back to his childhood home, but considering it’s 25 years later, is Marcus still alive? Will we be stepping into the shoes of JD Fenix exclusively, or will the great war hero make his return?

Perhaps we’ll get some father and son cover-based shooting. There’s no firm release date for GoW 4 yet, but all signs point to a fall/winter 2016 debut for Microsoft’s second biggest property.

Now let’s give “Sound of Silence” back to Job. It belongs with him.

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