Gears of War Fan Film…Kind of What You’d Expect (Video)

10.18.11 8 years ago 2 Comments

I love fan films. Gawd, I love fan films. They’re comparative to my friend’s bar mitzvahs, growing up, in that they’re usually really REALLY awesome and fun –or absolutely the saddest evening of your life. Either way, I’m entertained as hell watching pure success or fail blossom before my very eyes.

One of the latest pieces of fan fiction to roll out of a Canon camera factory is Gears of War: The Retrieval, a Youtube video uploaded by the RespectThePact team. According to the video, apparently one of Marcus Fenix’s GOW retro lancers has been stolen by a group of skateboarders from Irvine and who better to go in and retrieve the weapon than some dude wearing Under Armour? The day I turn rogue mercenary, you can best believe that I’m rocking Chuck Taylors and a golf polo EVERYDAY. You can quote me on that.

Adobe represent! Check the short video after the jump and decide for yourself. There’s plenty of blood splatter and bayonet impalements to go around. Oh yeah, and Chuck Taylors.

[via BuzzFeed]

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