Here Are 25 Geeky Halloween Pumpkins To Class Up Your Porch This Year

Cylon (Battlestar Galactica) photographed by Windell Oskay. (instructions here)

It’s going to be Halloween soon, and one thing is certain. Pumpkins are evil and must be punished. Since we’ve already collected some geeky but affordable Halloween costumes, it’s only fitting that we make a gallery of geeky Halloween pumpkins you could try out this year. And hey, even if you mess up and have to start over on a second pumpkin, it’s all good. Pumpkins are evil and must be punished.

Hellboy pumpkin photographed by Ryan Wightman.

This GLaDOS from Portal really takes the cake. [via]

Super Meat Boy photographed by Nina Helmer.

Super Meat Boy photographed by Nina Helmer.

Black Mage (Final Fantasy) photographed by Kevin Meehan.

Nathan Shields’ “Pumpkin Pi” via The Mathematical Association of America.

Darth Maul and a Jawa photographed by vmpyr_david.

Yoda photographed by Dakiraun.

That’s no moon… [via]

Boba Fett photographed by tgidenver.

Darth Vader photographed by Jim Reynolds.

“Spooky math” photographed by Jonathan Teixeira.

Windows 7? Terrifying, but the Windows 8 pumpkin is scarier. [via]

Photographed by ThinkGeek.

Photographed by dangerismycat.

Legend of Zelda and Minecraft pumpkins photographed by Heather Ingram.

Bob-Omb (Super Mario Bros.) photographed by Rachel Fisher.

Pikachu photographed by Veronica Sheppard.

Katamari Damacy pumpkin photographed by Rakka.

D20 photographed by ThinkGeek.

Tux the Linux mascot photographed by robby-T.

Dinosaur pumpkin sculpture photographed by Larraine.

The Joker photographed by flamindragoness.

“Pumpkin Pi” photographed by Wanda Dechant.

The most terrifying pumpkin of them all. [via]