Awesome Dad Makes Geeky Pancake Art For His Kids

Make me a life-sized Tauntaun one so I can crawl inside!

Once in a while we like to highlight a parent who’s doing geeky, awesome, creative stuff for their kids, like drawing on their lunchbags, making cool bento, or cosplaying every morning to wave at the bus. Nathan Shields of Saipancakes joins that illustrious company with the intricate pancake art he makes to entertain his kids at breakfast. Shields is a former math teacher who is now an illustrator and a stay-at-home dad in Saipan, the largest landmass of the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Please don’t ask me to locate any of that on a map.

Inspired by his own mother, who’d create “monster pancakes” for him as a boy, Shields decided to try and impress his own young children. A former math teacher, many of Shields’ designs seem to have some geeky inspiration behind them — get a load of the “Star Wars” designs or the fractals, a mathematical concept that when repeated results in a complex pattern. Shields is able to achieve such a fine level of detail by using a baster, which affords him much better control over the runny pancake batter. [HuffPo]

Below you’ll find montages of some of our favorite themed sets of pancakes at Saipancakes. Man, these are much better than the pancake designs my dad used to make. I couldn’t tell what they were supposed to be, but dad always said they represented “a pregnancy test that shouldn’t have been positive.” Seems esoteric for a pancake.
Dibs on that liver. I could use a new one. I’m gonna need to drink a lot to destroy the memory that a “uterus pancake” exists.