Is George Clooney About To Unleash A Prank War On Tina Fey And Amy Poehler?

The 71st Golden Globes Awards ceremony has come and gone, and thanks to the several thousand awards ceremonies that have already taken place since then, we can barely even remember who the big winners are (except Brooklyn Nine-Nine, woohoo!). Although he wasn’t there, George Clooney still remembers the monologue, though, as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler delivered arguably the best joke of the night at his expense, as they described Gravity as the story of George Clooney choosing to float away into outerspace, rather than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.

Obviously, they tell it much better than I can write it.

Well if you thought that G-Cloons, AKA Hollywood’s Master Pranksman, was just going to sit by and let the ladies take hilarious shots at him, you’re wrong. In an interview with Access Hollywood this week, the 52-year old lothario admitted that while he thought the joke was indeed great, Fey and Poehler better watch their backs.

“They have poked the bear with a stick. Oh, they have poked the bear,” he jokes. “I don’t want to scare Amy or Tina – I don’t want them to be afraid at all – but they’ve poked the bear.” (Via People)

As Clooney described, he once pranked Matt Damon by having his tailor take the waist in on his pants every day to make him think that he was gaining weight, and while filming Ocean’s 12, Clooney slapped a bumper sticker on Brad Pitt’s car that read: “Small penis on board.” Another time, Clooney and Pitt were on a flight with producer Jerry Weintraub and they convinced him to play a drinking game with them. Except while he was slamming shots, they were drinking water. Eventually Weintraub passed out and they filled his pants with M&Ms. The list goes on, just in case Fey and Poehler think that Clooney isn’t good on his word to retaliate with extreme hilariousness.

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