George Costanza Lies You Could Never Get Away With

01.04.16 4 years ago

George Costanza is a simple man. He’s a bad dresser, often unemployed, and lives with his parents. But that’s only the way he seems to those who truly know him. To the rest of the world, George is everything from a world-renowned architect to a marine biologist to a millionaire who owns a vacation home in the Hamptons (and, apparently, the inspiration for a bar). He also suffers from various physical handicaps, depending on his current employer’s bathroom amenities. The man is the Ludwig van Beethoven of lying.

A life made up of fictitious stories is no way to live, though, and George’s always seemed to blow up in his face. Throughout the course of Seinfeld’s nine seasons, he spun a delicate web of lies that few would be so daring to attempt. Which is exactly why you should never try to incorporate George’s lies into your own life, because when they eventually unravel — and they definitely will — there will almost certainly be an Elaine around to “laugh and laugh.”

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