George P. Bush’s Attempt To Get An Endorsement From Trump, Who Mocked His Father And Basically His Whole Family, Ended In Humiliating Failure

Donald Trump on the promise that he would overhaul, if not destroy, the Republican Party. That meant being mean to the Bush Dynasty. He spent a good chunk of the primary debates gleefully mocking opponent Jeb Bush, and pretty much everyone in the family. That didn’t stop one of the family members — Jeb’s son George P. Bush — from spending months sucking up to the former president, hoping he’d endorse his run for Texas Attorney General. And on Monday, we learned he evidently didn’t suck up hard enough.

According to The Hill, Trump surprised the Bush scion by instead endorsing incumbent Ken Paxton? What did Paxton do to impress him, apart from not being related to Jeb Bush? Well, filing a fruitless lawsuit a few months back against the Supreme Court over 2020 election results probably didn’t hurt.

It wasn’t for lack of trying. George P. has spent months, even years openly kissing the Trump ring, despite how he treated his own father. He was the only Bush to publicly endorse him in 2016. He even made koozies embossing Trump’s line that he was “the only Bush that likes me.” As recent as last month he was bragging about meeting with the one-term president, touting how they were working “together to Keep America Great.”

But Trump is a fickle one, with admirers seeking his love, despite him being a failed blogger who lives in resorts with strangers. And now George P. will have an even more awkward time at family reunions than usual.

When the news broke, were people quick to rub it in? Boy, were they.

But it’s fine. He’s still in the race, which means there’s a chance sans Trump, however slim. And if that fails, he’ll still have a gig: commissioner of the Texas General Land Office.

(Via The Hill)