George Takei to Beam Down to Riverdale in an Upcoming Issue of Kevin Keller

Archie comics has announced that Kevin Keller will be scoring himself some bonus nerd and gay cred this November when George Takei makes a guest appearance in Kevin Keller #6.

I dunno, something about this seems wrong. An actual real-life celebrity in an Archie book? Archie comics are supposed to take place in a weird alternate-reality bubble where the only famous people the world needs are Josie and the Pussycats. Speaking of which, why has there not been a Kevin Keller/Josie and the Pussycats crossover? Once you’ve got a gay character to work with, I’d think that would be one of the first stories you write.

Anyways, hit the jump to check out the queer sight of George Takei on the cover of Kevin Keller #6…

Hopefully the story involves everyone making fun of Takei for looking weird because he’s drawn like an actual human instead of a googly-eyed cartoon, before everyone learns an important lesson about accepting conflicting art styles.

via BuzzFeed