The George Zimmerman / DMX Superfight Has Been Canceled

The proposed fight between “celebrity” George Zimmerman and DMX has been canceled by promoter Damon Feldman.The original announcement came on Feldman’s Twitter, but has since been deleted and replaced with news of a press conference set for Tuesday:

I doubt this means the fight is back on or that some big decision has to be made. The backlash on Twitter had been quite steady and Feldman followed up with this set of Tweets to sort of clear confusion:

Publicity for the fight away from Feldman had been quite negative even before DMX had agreed to the fight. Philadelphia Magazine ran a poll where 95% were against the fight taking place, while a petition managed to gain 80,000 signatures for having the fight canceled.

We’ll have to wait until Tuesday for any firm word on what will happen. Reading Feldman’s Twitter feed is sort of like reading one of those Nigerian email scams, I can’t believe anything I read there.

For all we know, there might not have ever really been a fight in the works for Zimmerman. It could’ve just been a ploy to help sell his paintings. We will have to wait until Tuesday for a more official word, but it seems like America has averted yet another national disgrace.

And hopefully George Zimmerman and his celebrity title will fall back into the sack of obscurity forever. DMX will just have to find someone else to piss on in the near future.

(Lead image via gettyimages, Others via Damon Feldman)