George Zimmerman Is Having A Conniption Fit On Twitter

George Zimmerman Appears Before Judge On Recent Aggravated Assault Charges
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Hey, were you sitting around wondering what killer of Trayvon Martin and broke Confederate artist George Zimmerman has been saying about current events? Well, did you know that he had a Twitter account so you can follow him every day? He does, and boy oh boy, does he have a lot to say about what’s going on in the news! And just in case you were worried that he might not be doing anything that could be construed as racist, don’t worry because he’s got you covered. Here is one tweet he sent out about the WDBJ shootings:

And a follow up that went full racist:

But make no mistake, he is not a fan of the man who shot and killed two journalists on live TV. Not because he did that, but because they were white:

And since all black people know each other:

Not sure the math works out there, but… oh, wait there’s more:

Hey, that’s not even the unarmed black teenager that George Zimmerman killed! Because he’ll remind you that he did kill an unarmed black teenager:

But he didn’t “murder” him:

Zimmerman will also remind you that he’s currently homeless:

But it’s all good because he has standards when it comes to managing his burgeoning fame as a civil rights icon:

For example: only crash at houses with pools.

Remember: not his pool. But seriously guys, George Zimmerman is just another starving artist trying to sell his art and his message. His message of virulent, homicidal racism.

Source: Mediaite