Georgia Wide Receiver Chris Conley Is Organizing A ‘Star Wars’ Fan Light Saber Duel Which He Will Film

On the field, Georgia Bulldogs wide receiver Chris Conley leads the team this season with 605 receiving yards, but off the field he leads the University of Georgia as the coolest Star Wars fan on the entire campus. To say the 6-3 junior is a casual Star Wars fan would be less of an understatement and more of an outright lie, as a scroll through his Twitter feed reveals a man who is obsessed with not only his very own light saber that he built himself, but also organizing a campus light saber duel for his fellow Jedi Knights.

Conley first raised the idea on Twitter back on November 18 and the Athens Banner-Herald followed up to see how his project was shaping up this week, and it seems that the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I’ve actually had a lot of response,” Conley said. “A lot of people really want to do this. It’s something I’m kind of spearheading. It’s been a goal of mine before I graduate. This is just for me, just for fun. All of the people who are involved like that sort of thing and we accept our nerdiness.”

All it took was the popularity of a college athlete and the enthusiasm of a film’s rabid fan base to offer Georgia students one hell of a sight when they’re walking to class in January as an epic Jedi/Sith battle breaks out.

And even when the Georgia Bulldogs performed their version of that thing everyone called the “Harlem Shake” that wasn’t really the Harlem Shake, well… see if you can find Conley in this video.

Oh, and ladies? He’s also a dog lover. Slap on some Princess Leia buns and you can probably win this nerd’s heart*.

*I do not mean nerd as an insult, please don’t beat me up, Chris.

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