Geraldo And Greg Gutfeld Are Yelling At Each Other Again, This Time Over Kyrie Irving

Geraldo Rivera and Greg Gutfeld got into a fight on The Five. Yes, at this point that pretty much describes every episode of the Fox News panel show, but in this case we’re talking specifically about Wednesday’s show. The topic, unsurprisingly, was vaccine mandates, and the conversation eventually came around to Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving, who had remained firm in his stance that he has no plans to get vaccinated—despite being told that he cannot play until he does. While Geraldo, who has somehow become the voice of reason these days, thinks that’s just plain stupid, Gutfeld has joined the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene in defending Irving’s choice.

For many people, being in agreement with MTG would be enough to make you reconsider your position. But Gutfeld forged ahead with his argument that a vaccination-for-all stance (a.k.a. a mandate) is stupid when “we know the risk factors [for COVID-19]. The key risk factors are age, the older you are, and weight, if you’re obese. But we can’t even broach these topics, so instead we have these blanket, like, mandates that are just completely wrong.”

Up until this point, Irving’s name had not actually been spoken, but it was clear who they were talking about. So when Geraldo finally said his name, Gutfeld’s immediate response was: “Do you want to call him stupid?” Geraldo, however, was doing his damndest not to rise to the bait:

“I will say this: When people make a stand like this, and it’s costing him and his family and his children $400,000 a game, there’s something else going on besides his repugnance over the vaccine”

“Yeah, it’s called bravery,” Gutfeld interjected. Twice. The conversation continued until Gufeld finally dropped his bomb of an epiphany, which is that: “We now have created an artificial division. A couple years ago it was race versus race, thank you CNN. It was gender issues. But now, Geraldo, you’re mad at this guy!”

Rivera agreed that, sure, he is mad, “Because [Irving’s] not just hurting himself.” But Gutfeld thinks that bullsh*t and that his co-host is being maninpulated without him even knowing it. “You’re being played,” he told Geraldo. “You’re being stubborn,” Rivero responded, before dropping the ultimate Peanuts-approved insult: “You’re being blockheaded!”

You can watch the full clip over at Mediaite.

(Via Mediaite)