Get To Know Dakota Johnson Before You *Get To Know Her* In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

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07.24.14 25 Comments

That noise you heard this morning was the sound of millions of middle-aged women moaning all at once. Get used to it, because every time the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer plays on your TV or in a movie theater, the same thing’s going to happen. I’m not sure if director Sam Taylor-Johnson did a good job at picking the RIGHT Anastasia and Christian, because I haven’t read the books (for once, I’m OK saying that), but I must commend her on her choice of Dakota Johnson. The 24-year-old has been a favorite ever since a certain Fox sitcom, which was so little watched that I’m sure many people don’t realize Johnson was the star of it. So with the heat of Fifty Shades burning with the intensity of a hot flash, you should get to know Dakota Johnson, before you shame-watch her in some form or other.

1. She was Miss Golden Globe 2006.

2. She played Justin Timberlake’s lady friend in The Social Network.

3. …and Aaron Paul’s ex-girlfriend in Need for Speed.

4. …and Kevin’s replacement in the final episode of The Office.

5. …and undercover cop Fugazy in 21 Jump Street.

6. …and the young sex addict in The Five-Year Engagement.

7. But she’s probably best known around these parts as one-half of Ben and Kate, Fox’s sadly short-lived sitcom that aired for only 16 episodes in 2012-2013. It was really finding its groove, and then it got cancelled. Sigh. The cast has done well for themselves, though, with Nat Faxon snagging a starring role on FX’s Married while Echo Kellum can be heard on Rick & Morty.

8. Oh, who are we kidding: she’s Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith’s daughter, forever and ever amen.

Meanwhile, we got our hands on some EXCLUSIVE Fifty Shades of Grey footage. Are you ready?


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