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So much to talk about from the most recent episode of True Detective, Hart lashing out at Cohle, Cohle’s hallucinations… what am I forgetting? Oh yes, incredible-in-no-way-whatsoever-NSFW Alexandra Daddario! How Woody Harrison was able to get through his lines is a testament to the man’s acting chops. (There’s just got to be some good outtakes from that scene for the blooper reel on True Detective’s DVD bonus features.)

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Let’s take a moment to investigate just where we’ve seen this Daddario girl’s face before (assuming you even picked up on her face).

She started out on All My Children and has gone on to make guest appearances on some of television’s most critically praised shows over the last seven years including The Sopranos, Damages, and Nurse Jackie, but is probably best known for her roles in White Collar and the Percy Jackson movies.

Roles on HBO and Showtime are nice for an acting resume and all, but I think we can all agree that her truly greatest accomplishment prior to Sunday would be It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. You might remember her from season eight’s episode, “Charlie And Dee Find Love.” While Dee was totally just a rube in Trevor Taft’s twisted game, Daddario played Trevor’s sister Ruby and Charlie’s only real shot at love.

And just what does a pretty girl do when she kills the production assistant on a basic cable sitcom? Pull a Weekend At Bernie’s of course.

It’s probably fair to assume that stepping into a car with the New York City born actress could be a life-threatening event. While appearing on Chelsea Lately to talk about her role on MTV’s Girl Code, Daddario revealed that she has no business operating a motor vehicle, having failed her the road section of her driver’s test three times. It’s probably for the best though. It would be a travesty if anything were to happen to her perfect, um, features.

Speaking of which, the producers of last year’s Texas Chainsaw 3D made good use of Daddario’s talents with nearly every scene of her’s being some variation of this…

Which led to this…

Which ultimately led to this…

Aside from True Detective — which we’ve still got two more episodes of that feature her — the only upcoming screen appearances of Daddario we can look forward to are the zombie comedy, Burying The Ex later this year. It’s only January though and I’d be willing to bet her agent’s phone is ringing off the hook after last Sunday night.

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