A Picture Of A Fatal Motorcycle Crash Has Social Media Arguing About Ghosts And Photoshop

For as long as there have been cameras that can capture still photographs there have been people capturing the seemingly inexplicable, leading to debates over the validity of the photos. The unusual stuff that turns up in photographs and videos tend to be of unexplained phenomena; stuff like ghosts, aliens and UFOs, although there is always a Bigfoot for good measure tossed into the mix. As for the existence of ghosts, that tends to remain up to the individual, although every once in a while someone like Bobby Brown will come out with a claim that he had sex with a ghost to send the world into a contemplative tailspin.

The question, according to WSBTV in Kentucky, is if this photo that was posted on social media following a fatal motorcycle accident actually shows a ghost or not. Some would say that it was simply a trick pulled off in Photoshop, while others might point to the fact that it was an optical illusion caused by the reflection of light in the area. But there are still some who will look at that photo, look above the officer’s hat and see a ghost.

The verdict on this photo seems to be out for the time being, but it definitely kinda looks like there’s a dude up in those trees just kind of chilling there. Perhaps there was, or perhaps this was the product of image altering, either way it has people talking.