“Ghostbusters 3” Sounds…Kinda Terrible

Hey, did you want a Ghostbusters sequel with no Venkman, a blind, crippled Stantz, and an Egon so fat he can’t even put on his unlicensed nuclear accelerator? Too bad! You’re getting one anyway.

After years of chatter, “Ghostbusters 3” is happening and it’s going to touch your one remaining happy childhood memory right in the no-no place, maybe after delivering a few swift kicks there first. The basic premise they’ve been kicking around is a new generation of Ghostbusters, and that looks to be solid: also it’ll be three guys and a woman, so we guess there’s no EEO laws in the Ghostbusters universe. Oh, and it’ll happen with or without Bill Murray, which means it will happen without. Murray’s got better things to do than destroy one of his most beloved roles, although we’re going to miss having him as a ghost.

According to Dan Aykroyd in a recent appearance on The Dennis Miller Show (which apparently exists), “Ghostbusters 3” is filming in 2012. Start bracing yourself now.

[ via the Keymasters at Coming Soon ]