People Are Losing Their Minds Over The Size Of This Freaking Chicken

Did you know: until around 1930, the main type of chicken bred for human consumption in the United States was the Brahma chicken, a very large breed of bird that was said to have originally come to the states from the port of Shanghai in China in the 1850s? So, just how large is a Brahma chicken? Well, my friends, allow me to direct your eyes to the above video uploaded to YouTube over the weekend, featuring a male rooster Brahma emerging from a hen house — with the following actual description presented without commentary, thanks to Google Translate.

When the rooster first pokes its head out, you have to wonder, okay, how big could this thing really be. And then it just keeps spilling out and spilling out until it stands tall at — I don’t know — two feet? Three feet? Either way it looks like you could put a saddle on the thing and ride it like a dang Tauntaun from Star Wars. According to Wikipedia, Brahma roosters can weigh up to 18 pounds, but I would be surprised if this beast is anything less than 25.

Once the giant chicken started making the rounds on Reddit and Twitter, people very justifiably started freaking out, because look at that frigging thing.

Team whatever land that giant-ass chicken doesn’t inhabit.

(Via Huffington Post, Reddit)

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