This Giant Arachnid In An Elevator Prank May Be The Most Cruel Thing You See Today

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While the Internet still reels from the highly successful camel-toe prank, a new street-style joke is coming right at you. Josh Paler Lin risked life and limb to produce this video where a giant, Cloverfield-style parasite — a massive spider, if you will — stalks the street to frighten unsuspecting passersby. Oh, did it ever work. The initial shock of seeing any furry object would cause those unaware to jump, but if the object happens to have eight legs and furry eyes? That’s a recipe for a stupidly successful prank.

People reacted predictably — with surprised screams — to watching this arachnid amble onto the sidewalk in front of them. They also endured mild heart attacks when the spider would drop from a pedestrian bridge. None of this makes the video take off until Spidey takes the elevator, which is the real kicker. There’s a cruelly voyeuristic pleasure in watching a tough guy kick the crap out of a giant, fake spider. Now, the inherent danger in staging a mindless elevator prank is that — given the opportunity — enraged prank victims could freak out in close quarters and beat the holy hell out of the prankster. Not that this guy didn’t have it coming.

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