Giant Terrifying Great White Shark VS. Slightly Less Giant Terrifying Great White Shark: WHO YA GOT?

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10.01.14 3 Comments

The only thing more terrifying than a Great White Sharks is two Great White Sharks and then when the sharks start fighting each other I’ll just be under my bed now. Researchers had been studying the larger shark 50 miles off of Australia’s coastline (which is yet another reason never to go near that place) when a slightly smaller shark came along and the first shark was like, LOL NOPE. As the narrator explains, that while Great White Sharks tend to avoid conflict with one another, “cannibalism is not unheard of.” That’s like the shark equivalent of two dudes accidentally crossing swords during a threesome, only the woman is the bait and the crossing swords is EATING THE OTHER DUDE. I don’t know, that’s the best analogy I could come up with on the fly.

All I can say is, Parry Gripp, if you’re somehow out there listening, please write a song about this.

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