Gilmore Support Shorts, For When You Want To Leave Nothing To The Imagination

You know, there’s something about Gilmore Support Shorts. We’re not sure what it is. But we feel like there might be an ill-considered idea staring us right in the face.

Oh, right, the fact that there’s a c*ck-poket right on the front. If this seems like something that would be incredibly awkward, that’s certainly not borne out by Gilmore’s own marketing materials.

See, the male models had no trouble standing next to each other in a penis display sling. They’re not awkwardly photoshopped into that shot at all! Honestly, though, if they’re going to sell these as masculine, they need to cut a few licensing deals. Like for example with some superheroes:

Or perhaps cut a deal with the Patrick Swayze estate…

We’re just saying, there are many, many promotional opportunities here. We’re sure you can think of a few of your own. Share them here, if you get inspired.