This Little Girl Catching A Massive Fish On A Barbie Pole Is The Happiest Thing You’ll See Today

All of the trials and tribulations of parenting come down to these precious moments of unbridled joy. Young Avery went fishing with her father and took her trusty Barbie pole in hopes that she’d finally catch a fish. Any fish at all! She accomplished her goal and surpassed all expectations for the day when she reeled in a whopping 20-inch bass weighing in at 5 pounds.

The most fantastic aspect of this video is how Avery’s dad cheers her on, yet he stands back enough to let her accomplish the feat on her own. He gives her stern instructions when she nearly loses her cool, but Avery doesn’t let down her father or herself. Oh, does she ever grow excited as she feels a tug, digs her little heels in, and reels for what feels like forever. For her fight, Avery was rewarded with a fish larger than her arms.

Daughter and father moments don’t get any better than this, and the scene may make you a little misty-eyed, but there’s a downside to this raging success. It’s all downhill fishing from here for little Avery. You simply cannot top a catch like this one on a Barbie pole. The good news, however, is that Avery doesn’t seem like the type to let her spirit falter. Someone’s gonna get a new fishing pole for Christmas because Avery’s a little pro.

(Via Reddit)