A Family Pumpkin Carving Went Awry When This Teen Got Her Dang Head Stuck In A Pumpkin

Halloween is such a wonderful time of year. Besides, what other annual celebration of candy and costumes is capable of gifting the world with fantastic oddities like David S. Pumpkins and Burger Kings-sized ghosts? “No other time of year” is the obvious answer, and to prove it, here are two YouTube videos demonstrating why no one should ever attempt to fit their head into a semi-carved pumpkin. Especially when they’re surrounded by their loved ones, and said loved ones possess a smart phone with video capabilities (i.e., all smart phones.)

“Isn’t it so cute?” says Rachel, the subject of “Girl Gets Head Stuck In Pumpkin.” “I can like fit my head in it.”

After about 15 seconds, she triumphantly squeezes her entire head into the gigantic pumpkin and stands upright with the help of a younger brother. That’s when things predictably turn sour, as the family realizes their star daughter cannot get her head out of the pumpkin thanks to an inopportune ponytail. The result? A few minutes of struggle (“AHHHHHHH!”) followed by dad jokes (“Do we need to call the fire department?” “NO!”) and a followup video taken after Rachel’s rescue.

When questioned by her father, Rachel said she “just thought it would be funny,” to which her amused mother responded: “It was funny!” Sorry Rachel, but the Internet is forever.

(Via Kristy Ralphs on YouTube)