This Girl Turned To Instagram To Get Revenge On Her Crappy Ex-Boyfriend

Today’s sad tale of love and loss comes to us from Barstool Sports, which received a tip from a reader whose friend had just recently ended things with his girlfriend. But unfortunately for his friend, as many of these stories go, the now ex-girlfriend was not about to take things lying down:

My buddy broke up with his girlfriend recently and today one of my friends discovered she changed all the captions of her Instagrams with him to just shit on him.

Because why simply just erase all evidence that your ex ever existed from your social media accounts, when you can effectively just change the past? Well, that’s what this girl attempted to do, and the results are actually pretty hilarious.

My only question is, if this guy was anywhere near as big of a jerk as this girl makes him out to be, then why the hell did she stick with him for as long as she did? Sure, we’ve all — or most of us, anyway — stayed in a bad relationship for far too long, but it’s she who doesn’t stand by her man (after he hangs out with “that chick he banged in high school”) who laughs best.

(Via Barstool Sports)

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