Girl Scout Cookies Saved Two Missing Sisters In The Michigan Wilderness


Imagine for a moment that you’re traveling through the Lakes Region of the upper Midwest this time of year. Sure it’s April, but of course it’s still going to be snowing and cold and terrible. Suddenly, your car breaks down. Your cell phone is dead, and there’s almost nothing to eat — except for a few leftover Girl Scout cookies.

This was the predicament that sisters Leslie Roy (52) and Lee Marie Wright (56) found themselves in for the past two weeks. According to the New York Post, the elderly sisters from Oklahoma and Nebraska had assumed the roads were plowed. They weren’t. So when their vehicle became stuck, they had nowhere to go and almost nothing to eat.

They had a reservation at a hotel in Mackinaw City but didn’t show up that night. Instead, they were trapped in snow on a little-used road with eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies purchased from relatives and a bag of cheese puffs, Marker said.

Cheese puffs are cool and all, but Girl Scout cookies? SIGN ME UP NOW. Why didn’t Bear Grylls do an episode of Man vs. Wild solely dedicated to these delicious, live-saving treats back in the day? Discovery canceled the series in 2011, but I think this event warrants a renewal.

(Via the New York Post)