This Girl’s Roommate Ad On Craigslist May Have Raised The Bar For Us All

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10.09.13 9 Comments

For every random Craigslist ad that someone finds for a mom pimping out her daughter for a college football rivalry game or a gaggle of college bros trying to find a house MILF for one last wild semester, there’s usually one sincerely funny and entertaining posting that doesn’t make our skin crawl. For example, a girl named Lauren broke out the photoshop while looking for a place to live in San Francisco, as she went full-on movie poster style to try to convince random strangers that she won’t slaughter them in their sleep.

The ad has since been deleted, presumably because she found a roommate and they’ve since gone pillow-fighting into the sunset, but it still deserves to be celebrated for proving that Craigslist isn’t completely filled the world’s most depraved individuals. It’s only 99% filled with depravity.

(H/T to Visual News)

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