Glen Powell’s Ace Reaction To Learning That His Viral Cannibal Story Is Fake Makes It ‘Even Funnier’

Glen Powell currently stars in Hit Man on Netflix, and in the process, he portrays a fake hit man in a constant stream of permutations, including a Patrick Bateman-esque variety. That has nothing to do with his recent relaying of a supposed cannibal move on his sister’s friend — c’mon, it’s always those “a friend of my [insert family member]”-type stories that are usually BS — that turned out to be extra fake.

The Top Gun: Maverick star has realized the error of his ways. He caught wind of the Internet’s response to his “crazy story” (on a Therapuss podcast episode) about a massage and a “black market lotion” that only a cannibal would use. It then became known to him that he had simply been spreading an urban legend while believing it was real, and perhaps he’s a little bit embarrassed now? If so, he’s handling that feeling marvelously and has issued this followup: “Props to my little sister’s friend who told her this dating story… I’ve been telling this for years.” He then added, I’m questioning my whole life now… False alarm.” The good news, however: “Back rubs are back.”

Does this make the situation “even funnier”? Heck yes:

A few other responses include confirmation that Glen does not hang out on Reedit and an encouraging, “Gotta pull a Robert Pattinson my man. Never deny.”

However, I refuse to believe that Pattinson’s exploding microwave tale is fake. Sometimes, you gotta hang onto it, man.