Go Ahead, Try To Guess What The Woman In This Mugshot Was Accused Of Stealing

No, the woman in the above mugshot is not trying out for a part in a live action film of Jem and the Holograms (although that would be amazing if she was), but instead was caught trying to steal $144 worth of eye shadow from a Fayetteville Ulta. 31-year-old Brandy Allen was charged with shoplifting and disorderly conduct after store employees caught her stuffing handfuls of eyeshadow in her purse. Honestly, the thing about this story that most surprises me is that she’s a “Brandy” and not a “Brandi.”

From Fayetteville 5 News:

An officer arrived at the store and approached Allen. The original caller introduced herself to Allen as the general manager of the store and asked to see the contents of her purse, the report states.

Allen fumbled through her purse for several minutes before taking out several different packages of eye shadow, and as she pulled out the items, she’d run her fingers through the tops of each one, trying to make the eye shadow look used, according to the report.

She started to curse loudly saying, “No one [expletive] saw me steal anything,” the report states. She also described the situation with two more expletives, according to the report.

So she’s a lady as well as a connoisseur of fine makeup products. If you’re wondering how one achieves such a polished look as Ms. Allen, the report also stated that she was grabbing handfuls of make-up at a time “without looking at the color or labels.” So, there you go. The report did not mention if any blending brushes had been pilfered in addition to the eyeshadow.