Go! Ricky Go! – ‘Dick Brown’s Tall Tail Of Foxy Cottontail’ Mixtape

Oftentimes, producers and musicians don’t receive the credit they deserve, so it’s dope to see Ricky Fontaine stepping into the spotlight for a change. As part of iNDEED with Walt Live, and consequently DJ Burn One’s famed 5PMG, the crew have been making some of our favorite rappers sound good for a long time. Haven’t we always stressed the importance of hitting play as soon as you see that Burn One is associated with it? Yes, yes we have.

On Dick Brown’s Tall Tails of Foxy Cottontail, Ricky doesn’t stray too far from the funk that we’ve come to expect from him and the crew, and we’re thankful for that. Sure, Starlito, SL Jones, Will, Scotty, and J Nics do their thing, and Walt Live makes a handful of appearances, but all eyes and ears are on Ricky and his guitar Lucy. There is a slightly whimsical feel throughout the whole project, and it’s somewhat fascinating to hear the realm in which Ricky rules. As the cool kids say, Yagger!

DownloadGo! Ricky Go! – ‘Dick Brown’s Tall Tail Of Foxy Cottontail’ Mixtape

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