‘Goat Simulator’ Takes Down Skyrim In Its Next Patch, ‘Goat MMO Simulator’

We’ve told you about Goat Simulator before. The game started as a joke using footage from a physics test, but (much to the chagrin of its developer) a cheap dashed-off retail version of the game is absurdly popular and outsells the games they spent years lovingly building up from scratch. But, hey, money’s money, so Goat Simulator is taking on a new genre: Cheesy fantasy MMOs.

Coming out this week as a patch, the game takes fantasy games to the woodshed. You can play as five classes: Warrior; Hunter; Magician, as in stage magician; Rouge, which is not a typo; and Microwave, which is not a goat at all but a microwave on legs that runs around.

And if you were wondering, yes, there are magical spells. They go about as well as you’d expect:

Note that this isn’t an MMO, but an MMO simulator. We’re sure that Coffee Stain will not use this for mocking jokes at all.

This will come out November 20th, for free to all owners of Goat Simulator. Expect ridiculous YouTube videos to arrive for months afterward.