A Massive Leak Reveals ‘God Of War 4’ And Kratos Has A New Set Of Gods To Murder

04.06.16 3 years ago 3 Comments


According to a massive data leak perpetrated by NerdLeaks, God of War 4 is reportedly deep into development, and it looks like Kratos is back, bearded and fighting Norse gods. The NerdLeaks.com site, as well as its Twitter account is now down, seemingly after Sony incurred their wrath upon whomever illegally dug up the never-before-seen info, but the damage has been done. Artwork and images from the game are out, and now developer Sony Santa Monica won’t have a big reveal (at E3?) under their control.

Gaming insider Shinobi602 echoed the leaks with cryptic Manowar lyrics in a pair of tweets.

Those lyrics are to a song titled Gods of War, which will make even the most jaded gamer want to mash the square button and bang their head in the quicktime event called life.

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