Godzilla Will Stomp Cities On Game Consoles Once Again

Godzilla is back on the upswing. OK, so his movie wasn’t as good as Guillermo Del Toro’s, but it was still a hit, and there’s a sequel on the way. What better way to celebrate than with a game where you trash cities?

Dug up by Kotaku, this trailer doesn’t really tell us much, aside from the fact that you’ll be lumbering through cities and trashing them. Godzilla games, to this point, haven’t been much for destructible environments, preferring terrible gameplay instead. Although the one good Godzilla game would let you fling buildings at your enemies, so there was that.

Anyway, there is a red flag or two. One is that this game appears to be only on the PS3. And two, it’s coming out in Japan less than six months from now and the graphics look like they belong to a game from six years ago. Although it is a game from Namco Bandai, so really we should just be grateful that they didn’t try to cram Tekken or Soul Calibur in there somehow, and that Team Ninja is in no way involved.

There’s no word on an American release yet, but it’ll probably come soon; it’s unlikely Namco Bandai made this game just so it couldn’t be sold across most of the world. But we’ll know for sure this winter.