Watch An Implusive Thief Snag $1.6 Million In Gold Off An Armored Truck

It’s often said that opportunity comes suddenly and we must take it quickly before it slips away. And there’s no better proof of this than a New Yorker who, casually walking by an armored truck, saw $1.6 million in gold and helped himself back in September.

ABC has the street video of the thief, which is almost a movie scene in how it comes together. It’s almost as if he was on his way to work when opportunity knocked, or rather failed to follow proper security protocol with $1.6 million in gold flake sitting in a bucket, which the guard left sitting in the door of the truck in broad daylight. In Midtown Manhattan. Because he’d forgotten his cell phone. Hope the call was worth it. And here he is doing his best leprechaun impression:

Of course, he might also be scampering because that’s 86 pound of gold our boy just heisted; the police claim it took him an hour to make what should have been a ten minute walk. You’d think some guy stealing almost ninety pounds of one of the most precious metals on Earth would quickly be busted by the police, but it turns out this happened back in September and the police have released the video because they’re looking for leads on who this guy is. They believe he’s hiding out in Florida, although with that much gold, we doubt he’s doing much hiding at all.

(via ABC)