‘Good Guy’ Justin Bieber Picked Up The Check For A Bunch Of NYPD Officers

Justin Bieber is getting super serious about that whole image rehabilitation thing, everybody. After a bizarre public apology following an appearance on Ellen last month, which led to another Ellen appearance where he talked from the heart about how hard it is to be Justin Bieber, now he’s going around buying dinner for cops. As in, the people who have historically been better known to thwart Justin Bieber. According to TMZ:

Bieber was eating at the Comfort Diner in NYC when he noticed a few officers eating next to him … so when it came time to pay up, Justin coughed up the dough for their tab — around $200.

The officers walked over and thanked Bieber for hooking them up … then snapped a pic — which Justin posted on Shots — so they could prove to their family the whole thing actually went down.

I don’t know what your game is here, Bieber, but my eye is on you. If he thinks all of this goodwill is going to save him at his Comedy Central roast next month — which signed on Hannibal Buress, by the way — he is sorely mistaken. If any paparazzi catches him conveniently helping any little old ladies across the street between now and then, I DON’T BUY IT.