Good Luck Finding An Authentic Scumbag Steve Hat For Halloween

Have you ever looked at Scumbag Steve and thought, “Gee, I wonder where I can find a hat like that?” Of course you have. I mean, how could you not?

Well, one man took it a step further and actually tried to find a hat identical to the one Sir Scumbag has made famous. Turns out, it’s sort of the Holy Grail of memewear, an extremely rare commodity.

Writes Matt Mirandi:

The wheat-brown, ‘A-Tooth’ style Red Sox cap was a style first made available in New Era’s Fall 2007 program.

Andy Barth, General Manager at, one of the New Era’s largest online retailers, said that New Era generally produces quantities based on the orders they’ve received from retailers by certain cutoff dates and that there are minimums that need to be met for a style to be set to production.

“I’m guessing that there were probably less than 1,000 made,” Barth said of the Red Sox version of the hat that appears in the scumbag meme. “We carried that color and style for four teams: the Braves, Giants, Red Sox and Yankees and in total, they probably produced less than 1,000 for each team. So it’s possible that only 4,000 of these exist in total.”

Demand for the hat is so great and supply is so low, in fact, that people are apparently selling knock-offs of it on eBay. The whole thing is such a Scumbag Steve move.