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06.14.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

The one-hour premiere of the sixth season of Futurama is just around the corner (June 24th on Comedy Central).  Now we have the finished premiere clip as well as a seven minute recap of the first five seasons narrated by Zapp Brannigan. Sidenote: the four direct-to-DVD movies are considered the fifth season.  I have to say this to prevent a barrage of comments saying, “There were only four seasons. FAIL. Epic fail. DIAF.”  Oh, the charmed life of a blogger.

Comedy Central has already ordered 26 episodes, with the 12th of these episodes being the 6th season finale and the 100th Futurama episode.  That was a lot of numbers.  Let’s move on.  If the premiere clip looks familiar, that’s because it’s the final version of this clip from Florida’s Animation Supercon.  Except now it’s all fancylike with colors and whatnot, like some painted-up hussy. *throws bottle of Pace salsa at monitor*

Preview – Interstellar Fugitives
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