Google Releases Gmail Blue, Treasure Maps, And NoseBETA Just In Time For April Fool’s Day

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04.01.13 6 Comments

Google took a break from destroying things I love to make three videos introducing new services on April Fool’s Day. I hate this holiday so much.

The first video introduces Gmail Blue, arguably the funniest of the three videos (and a subtle dig at Apple, perhaps?). The second one is for their Google Treasure Map feature, which you can try out here. You drag the spyglass icon above the zoom bar to a spot on the map, and it zooms in on a spyglass-style street view. I tried it out and ended up at the back door of the place where I work when I’m not writing here. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME, GOOGLE?

The final video is for Google NoseBETA, which they promise “leverages new and existing technologies to offer the sharpest olfactory experience available.” In other words, you search for something and (if this feature existed) it would release the smell. Okay terrific.

For their next high-larious prank, Google could issue a press release claiming that all of us who were burned by their closing down of Google Reader have decided to start using Google+. Nah, that’s too far fetched, even for April 1st.

(H/T: Nerdcore)

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