Google Is Now Crowning Pokemon Masters

You might remember Google’s April Fools’ Day prank of hiding Pokemon on Google Maps. The challenge, of course, was to catch ’em all, and the Internet being what it is, some people did. And now they’re discovering that when Google pranks, Google commits to it.

Specifically, Reddit user tinygrump got this in the mail:

That’s not just a nice letter of achievement to frame. Those are actual Google business cards, ten of them, to hand out certifying that you’re a Pokemon Master. Granted this probably shouldn’t be the most impressive thing on your resume, but it does illustrate strong focus and careful attention to detail.

This does raise the bar, though, and makes us wonder what they’re up to for next year. This is a company worth billions of dollars and which has seemingly infinite time on its hands, considering how much energy they put into their pranks. These people own self-driving cars and Terminators. We’re just saying don’t be shocked if next year you start hearing reports that the machines have risen up and taken San Francisco.