Parents Strapped A GoPro To Their Kid To Capture A Toddler’s Point Of View Of An Easter Egg Hunt

One thing that really sucks about being an adult is that hardly anyone invites you to participate in Easter egg hunts anymore. It’s all, “Stacey, those eggs are for the children” this and “Stop knocking kids over” that. So these parents thoughtfully strapped a GoPro camera to their kid so you can “relive your childhood” through the eyes of their 3-year-old son.

And much like when parents put a GoPro on their child for a game of hide and seek, it’s naturally hilarious, adorable, and just a smidgen frustrating, because — does anyone else think this kid kind of sucks at finding Easter eggs? It’s like he’s just missing eggs all over the place. I hope he gets his game on by Easter 2017, because his sister and brother or cousins or whatever are going to leave him in the dust.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)