The Gosling-Shia-JGL Method Explains How Child Actors Become 2012 Action Stars

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10.02.12 3 Comments

Our friends at Vulture put together the below fun graphic (arguably as good as the above image) outlining the similarities in careers of three of the most successful former child actors currently going — Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Shia LaBeouf — for all of us to look at and enjoy.

I suppose if you work hard enough at something like this you can draw similarities but the method really does seem to work, even if being Michael Bay’s muse sounds more like it involves Ferrari washing than outstanding film making. But hey, they managed to work in a Young Hercules reference, so I’ll take it. Please disregard Shia’s impending breakdown while glancing over how these gentlemen beat the odds.

Vulture via THD. JGL Action Star via.

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