Can Maps Finally Meet Batman In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Gotham Academy?’

Gotham Academy has consistently been one of DC’s most surprising books. Mixing together both Batman stories and the classic plot twists of the Gothic horror story, we’ve followed Olive Silverlock and her overly enthusiastic friend Maps through everything from discovering supervillains hiding on the campus to unlocking dark family secrets she was never meant to know in classic Gothic style. It’s a smart twist on Batman mythology, and recent issues have built on that with an anthology format.

The book wrapping up this arc with a series of stories themed around the Gotham Academy Yearbook, which Maps, of course, is in charge of, and which also happens to be a great jumping-on point for those who want to start reading the book. Some stories have been funny, some creepy, but there’s one Maps wants to tell most of all. Namely, how she tried to meet Batman.

To see if Maps finally gets her wish to meet Batman, you’ll need to pick up Gotham Academy #16 on Wednesday, available on store shelves and digitally. And make a point of sampling the two previous issues if you’re new to the book; they’re an excellent overview of what the series is all about, and the clever spins it puts on the Batman story.