Donal Logue Denies Being Cast For Major Role In Fox’s ‘Smallville’-like ‘Gotham’

Yesterday, there came the unsurprising revelation that Gotham, the supposedly Batman-less series about Commissioner Gordon, would actually have a lot of Batman. Thus, everyone is now actually interested in it, and that means casting rumors!

Donal Logue was supposedly up for the role, according to Latino Review. And yet, Logue himself has denied the rumor:

As he notes he’s heard the network wants a Jim Gordon in his late twenties.

Which is actually a good sign, considering that Gordon is in late middle age, as a rule, in Batman continuity, so it’d be fairly consistent that he’d be pushing thirty around the time the Wayne parents dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. This does, however, raise the question of who might take the role on in the first place.

The main problem we foresee is that Jim Gordon is actually a fairly tricky character to cast. Look no further than poor Pat Hingle, who was basically reduced to saying “Oh My God” over and over again over the course of four movies. They didn’t hire Gary Oldman to play him in the last round of Batman movies just to pack another Oscar winner onto the marquee; much of the material surrounding the beginning of Batman is actually as much about the struggles of Jim Gordon to be a good cop in a deeply corrupt police department.

Of course, the show itself will probably revolve around Gordon arresting Julian Day for stealing calendars and Selina Kyle for being a prostitute, but we can dream. In the meantime, who do you think will be Captain Gordon?

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