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02.09.10 2 Comments

The showrunner of ABC’s “FlashForward”, David Goyer, has left the show with 5 episodes remaining.  ABC stated he will have “some involvement” with the remaining episodes, which means they’ll probably tape a picture of him to a chair at the meetings and offer him donuts. David Chairgoyer loves the ones with sprinkles.

David Goyer co-wrote Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight was based on a story Goyer wrote.  He is now writing the third movie with Chris Nolan’s brother Jonathan “Jonah” Nolan.  His early exit from “FlashForward” may signal that the next Batman script is on its way, or it may just signal that those rumors of infighting and backbiting at “FlashForward” led to another writer quitting (Marc Guggenheim left the show in October).

While we wait for the next Batman installment, I guess we can get our Nolan fix from Inception, the movie Leonardo DiCaprio said didn’t make much sense to any of them while they were filming it.  Seriously.

[Nikke Finke via SciFiCool, banner pic via thisoldshanty]

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