‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Fans Are Obsessed With A Shed

We all saw the gameplay video posted by Rockstar on Tuesday. And it was full of things! Aircraft! Protagonist switching! A control scheme that finally looks like it doesn’t suck wildly! But what’s captured the attention of the Internet is the fact that on top of the giant mountain we saw, there is a shed. And people desperately want to know what’s in that shed.

Theories range widely, from the sensible thought that it’s used to store parachutes or perhaps the motor for a tram to the top of the mountain to a few theories about Easter Eggs, some a bit more fanciful than others, and one of which we pray is true.

Of course, the Grand Theft Auto franchise is no stranger to hidden goodies and offbeat details, like one currently getting the standees pulled from Wal-Mart. Grand Theft Auto IV hid a creepy beating heart in the Statue of Liberty, for example. But it says something about the energy this franchise commands that people are freaking out over a wooden structure.

That said, seriously, Rockstar: JETPACK. GIVE US A JETPACK. Also a Rocketeer skin, so we don’t have to wait for the PC version, and then for a modder to do it. Give it a hover mode and allow us to use the sniper rifle with it, and you’ve got hours of entertainment right there.