‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Goes First Person Shooter In This Intense Next Gen Gameplay Video

Rockstar Games just released — via a long interview with IGN — this new gameplay footage from their next gen version of Grand Theft Auto V which reveals the new first-person shooter perspective available to next gen adopters. Well, that’s something.

Not only will Xbox One and PS4 players get first-person mode, higher resolution, and more wildlife, but they’ll also get cool vehicles, new weapons, new events, and new missions. Ah yes, but will we see the Sasquatch wang in higher resolution? And when we punch mimes, will the sound of their bones crunching be even crisper and more satisfying? Important questions, these.

For everyone who already has GTA V for Xbox 360 or PS3, Rockstar will let you transfer your character (once) to Xbox One, PS4, or even to the PC version coming out early next year. The Xbox One and PS4 version releases November 18th.