‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Has Another Elaborate Murder Mystery

Hey, remember in the original version of Grand Theft Auto V, where you could piece together the rather sad story of a starlet’s murder in the 1970s? Rockstar apparently enjoyed that quite a bit, because they’ve got a new, elaborate mystery to figure out.

If you don’t mind spoilers, here’s a video (via CVG) laying out how to find all the clues and how to get the mission reward, a set of film filters you can play with in the game. By calling a ghost, no less:

This isn’t the only mystery hidden in the game, either; Jock Cranley has a skeleton in his closet if you know where to look, the riddle of Bigfoot has a solution if you finish a quest chain, there’s a serial killer you can hunt down if you read graffiti closely, and then, of course, there’s the notorious UFO mystery fans are still unraveling.

Apparently, Rockstar never quite got over the lost promise of L.A. Noire, if they’re hiding this much in the game for no apparent reason other than giggles. But, really, why not an entire game of this stuff? Part of the fun of any open world game is exploring and looking for the little tidbits the developers have stuffed into nooks and crannies. An entire game of putting those clues together and confronting the criminals you find would be pretty fun. Especially if you could chase after them with a jet.