‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Has A New Gender/Race/Age Bending Glitch

Man, even video game glitches are weirder in Japan. The new Beach Bum Grand Theft Auto V update is having a strange effect on the Japanese version of the game — basically, it causes NPCs from the game to randomly change sex, race and age. So a young woman in a sassy outfit suddenly becomes a grumpy looking old man who’s still totally rocking that sassy outfit.

Of course as a fully enlightened modern human, I don’t really see things like gender, race or age so these pictures mean nothing to me, but perhaps you’ll find them amusing…

via Kotaku

Jeez, the ladies of GTAV were kind of a homely bunch even before this glitch, weren’t they? When your face is swapped with an old man’s I shouldn’t be thinking “well, I guess that’s a minor downgrade.” Hey guys at Rockstar — maybe it’s time to try out online dating or something. The fact that all the women in your games look like angry hookers kinda reflects badly on your social lives.