‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Players Can Make Even Unarmed Jets Ridiculously Dangerous

Part of the fun of Grand Theft Auto V is finding new ways to play the game, or discovering hilarious quirks of its physics systems. One noble soul has discovered how to combine both.

In this video first discovered by Kotaku, a player uses the Basra, a training jet with no weapons whatsoever, as a battering ram for… well, you name it. He wipes out other jets, helicopters, cars, and players on foot with equal skill and alacrity, and often completely out of nowhere. Amusingly, this often completely destroys them, while he flies away with relatively minimal damage to pick off another sucker. It all leads up to this ending:

I have to admit, if somebody punched my clock that way, I’d be too busy laughing to be angry. Well done, whoever you may be. Well done.