Politicians In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Are As Obnoxious As Ours

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08.15.13 5 Comments

It’s a Grand Theft Auto V kind of day, folks. This morning we had a trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online and another rumor about a PC release of Grand Theft Auto V. Now we have two more satirical videos which were part of Rockstar’s virtual GTA V travelogue. The new videos are political ads for the two gubernatorial candidates in San Andreas. It hilariously paints both sides of the aisle as the odious cluster of tribalist chucklef-cks that they are.

First up, here’s the ad for conservative actor-cum-politician, Jock Cranley, who promises to hate the same people we do and insists, “We’ve cared about people for far too long.”

And here’s liberal incumbent Sue Murry, who promises to talk down to you and solve all problems with more funding for public radio and a reasonable 74% tax rate.

Sadly, these aren’t that far from the political ads filling every commercial break on every channel leading up to the caucus here in Iowa. Having to avoid TV and unplug the phone for one year out of every four hasn’t made me jaded and hostile towards the political sphere at all. I’m positively ecstatic that political robocalls are still exempt from donotcall.gov. Who doesn’t want to have a phone that rings non-stop from 6 am to 9 pm?

(H/T: Kotaku)

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