A Teen Made A PowerPoint To Convince His Parents To Let Him Buy ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Grand Theft Auto V has been out for two years. That’s a long enough time for parents to chill and let their kids play the f*cking thing, which earned $800 million… on its first day of release. Copies litter the used game bins in GameStops across the country, but the child of Imgur user “Jestersheister” not only doesn’t own one, he isn’t even allowed to play it. So, the teen put together a convincing PowerPoint presentation for mom and dad entitled, “Grand Theft Auto V: Why I would like to play it and my compromise.”

Have a look.

13yo just presented us his case for GTA 5.

Highlights of his argument (all sic’d):

-“I’m maybe a little young, but you know how mature I am, and I can handle it. This is a game I’ll do a lot to convince you to let me have. So, I’m warning you, if it is a no after this, I’ll beg non-stop.”

-“The campaign is just horrible with swearing and killing and sex and what-not, but I don’t want that part of it, and I play the online half where I play with others, own cars, shoot guns, race, play fun maps, make my own maps, and more! That is what I’ll do. The safe-ish fun part.”

-“The swearing and other bad noises… I can just turn down. I have headphones.”

-“I’m into more serious things now, and my interests are changing, and I want to play what I see I’m into.”

-“A man played the entire campaign for GTA V nonstop… it took three days! I will take my time and enjoy it. That is a crazy amount of time to put into story.”

Well, I’m convinced — Grand Theft Auto V for everyone! But did it work?

He had us three slides in, but we made a good show of reticence.

Enjoy your fun maps (and not sex and what-not), kid.

(Via Imgur)

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