Watch These Grandmas ‘Ignite The Night’ By Trying Fireball Whisky For The First Time

Obsev rounded up a handful of sassy old grandmas in to try Fireball whisky for the first time in this YouTube video, the spirit of choice for discerning frat bros, wedding-goers, and teenagers alike. Right off the bat, I like the granny in the purple the best, who immediately cops to being a daily drinker in the first place and makes an adorable “explosion” sound in reaction to the fiery graphic on the label.

As to the actual taste? One describes the flavor as a “cinnamon-hot medicine type thing” going down. Cool purple granny says that it “tastes very nice,” and that it’ll “warm your belly, that’s for sure.” (Understatement of the year!) Overall, the consensus is that grandmas, or at least these grandmas, anyway, are down with Fireball brand whisky. Purple granny and her friend even go so far as to lament that they don’t have dates. Not so fast, ladies… a little more of that Fireball and consider the night ignited.

(Obsev via Tastefully Offensive)

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